Product Maker
I make products

Making products is about value-driven problem solving.

I learn all that I can about the problem and the potential at hand, and then I strategize, design and develop the best possible product.

How I became a
product maker

I started by building websites, because websites are products that people can use on any device and in any location.

But my products weren't that great to use.

I used the internet to read and learn how to design my products well, so that they would give people a good experience.

But my products weren't something that people wanted to use.

I began to attend startup-oriended workshops, so that my next products would bring people value.

But my products still weren't viable enough to make money.

I job shadowed my cousin for a week and learned design strategy. I finally learned how to put it all together.

And the results have been pretty awesome.

Let's make

I love to meet engaged and excited people! I'm always available to chat, meet or discuss :)