learning, finding, designing, developing impact

I am a developer and designer but I don't care much for titles or roles. Instead I like to learn as much as I can because I believe that every random thing I learn will somehow help me make an impact in this world. I'm currently based out of Toronto, where I take every chance I get to explore culture and build something new.

Products work like magic when everyone is focused on the people it’s for.

I love developing websites and apps
that deliver magical experiences
by providing real value.

First I learn everything I can about
who and what I need to build so that
I find the problems that need to be solved.

I’ll then iterate on possible designs,
theorizing what could solve the problem
and testing to see what does.

And finally, I’ll develop the solution in code
so that I can deploy it to real people
and create a real impact.

Working on these products requires constant learning and work.

Learning Work
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Creating Team Bonding

Leadership, React Native, UX Research

After a bad year, the culture of the Computer Engineering Club needed to change so that we could make the largest student hackathon in Alberta even larger. My solution was custom Slack emojis and I built a way to democratize them.

Coding a Business Model

Product Management, Angular, Design

Personal stylists can take on more clients using image detection, data science and a mobile app. Creating User flows and ER diagrams helped me build an app that can bring stylists to the amount of business personal trainers enjoy.

Persevering using details

Growth Mindset, Travel

I was still falling an hour and a half after everyone else in the beginners class was able to stand, but my mind I was focused on the details of what I was doing, because the details are where you find success.

Developing Behaviour

Behavioural Design, Angular

Reading Carol Dweck taught me that every challenge needs the right mindset. At the same time, my peers in my design course were being overwhelmed by the workload. I experimented with how a tool could help them change.