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Confidence and anxiety, past and future

December 14, 2017

I posted to Instagram a while back,

the caption: “Only #scheming gives me anxiety, and boi I got plans 🚀”

Talking to a friend later about confidence and how important it is. The conversation continued to moving on from your stressors and self-help. I realized this post contains more meaning than I originally assigned to it.

The post is about how I only stress out over the things that will happen in the future. I spend my energy worrying about how things will work out as opposed to how things already happened. That’s a really good thing.

Obviously, it would be better to stress out only about the things we can control (which is a subset of the things that will happen in the future). But it’s a step :) I just wanted to share this little proud moment of realization.

Also, more pictures: