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Cycle of Mentorship

September 19, 2017

Where would you be without mentors? I don’t even want to imagine it.

Throughout high school I was always involved in clubs, and after stepping away from it in first year, maybe I wanted to get back?

I was transitioning between friend groups at the time. Maybe I felt like I would find good friends through CompE Club?

Or maybe I knew, that the 5th year students had something to teach me.

They’re the people that helped me set up my website and launch my first project back in 2014. And even in 2017 they’re the people that teach me ReactJS, give me advice and tell me stories. 3 years later I still maintain connections with them.

I’m thinking about this now, because now I’m the 5th year student. It’s weird to think that I can be that 5th year presence while still being me. I’m forever a student in my mind.

This weekend I spoke at CompE orientation, to all the new second year CompE’s. I told them a lot of the things and stories that my mentors told me, and more.

My presentation at CompE Orientation

I’ve already got tons of emails from these students asking for advice on how to start and where to look and what to do.

So far the questions have been pretty easy.


I’m that same kid from 2014, I’m not sure I could answer the same questions I asked back then. But I am sure that I’ll do my best.

Being on the other side, being a mentor, is a new challenge.

Let’s see. Lol. Let’s see. Lol.