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Favourite thing I’ve ever built

October 04, 2017

Question prompted by Granify job application

How can I not say ShoutBox? It’s my first ever hackathon project.

Throughout high school, I was very inspired by how Google could use technology to assist and improve lives. But I didn’t have the slightest idea that I could go ahead and do those things myself.

After a summer coding with my cousin and one term of Computer Engineering completed, I was prompted to attend the Computer Engineering Club’s hackathon. While wondering about an idea, I was given a simple premise:

“What’s a problem or annoyance you see in your everyday life? Fix it.”

Short. Simple.

I had always found it extremely annoying how people would take their phones out of their pocket to tweet instead of using the laptop that’s right in front of them.

Harry (teamed up with me for the hackathon) and I built a Chrome extension that sped up users’ ability to tweet from their laptop. With the hope that bettering the experience on their laptop would stop users from wasting time going to their phones.

Harry and I won third place, but more importantly it gave me the drive to use my powers for more than just being a code monkey. For the rest of my life, I want to solve problems that assist and improve lives — all thanks to ShoutBox.