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Growth: HackED

January 30, 2018

This past weekend I organized my third and final HackED, I can’t even explain how weird it is to be done.

I remember naming it HackED with my friend Brittany back in 2015, I participated in that one (where I made ShoutBox). HackED 2015 had some 60 students.

This weekend there was some 170 students at the opening ceremonies, tripling the participants in 3 years. We featured workshops, HackED branded t-shirts and stickers, trivia prizes, and more. We have a dedicated team that continues to refine the structure of the event while also supporting more participants than ever.

I remember every single event of how we came to this point. And to be honest, none of them are grand. I think that’s what growth really is, natural change over time. It’s only when you look back do you see it.

And damn, I see it.

growthman growthman

I can’t wait to see where it’ll grow next. Hopefully I’ll be there the whole way (probably 😛)