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Hong Kong 2018 — solo trips are for uncomfort zones

June 10, 2018

Solo trips are scary. They’re a full send on getting you out of your comfort zone. They’re always described as “finding yourself” or “discovery” because you’re putting yourself in an uncomfort zone and you force yourself to grow because of it.

My solo trip was not scary. It wasn’t an uncomfort zone. It wasn’t even on the edge of my comfort zone, it was smack dab in the middle.

I’m too extroverted.

When I got there I immediately started meeting people by playing basketball in the park, talking to people at malls and coffee shops and adding everyone I met on Instagram.

Arjun goes to play basketball in the park

This realization really clicked for me when I did open mic stand up, (almost) impromptu, 4 days into my trip. I was so unfazed when walking back to the hostel after my 5 minutes that I just knew I was still well in my comfort zone.

The rest of my trip I tried to think about what my uncomfort zone is and how I can grow to get out of it.

But I think that’s for another post. :)