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How to use Modals in Ionic v4

August 16, 2019

After taking much too long to figure this out myself, I’m writing a blog post about it to help the next dev.

This should be easy, but the documentation for it is a little lacking. I’ve asked them to update it but just in case they don’t I’m writing this for your sanity.


Originally my issue was that the modal was activating too early, before the button-press to activate the modal. When I would navigate to the page that the modal should be accessed on, it would show the modal as a full page instead of the page I’ve navigated to.

This solution will also help solve the ERROR ERROR: "Uncaught (in promise): overlay does not exist" when trying to dismiss the modal. Another issue that I saw people having when trying to find a solution.


Creating a Modal Page

Very basic, just run ionic g page modal using Ionic CLI just like you would for any other new page.

Fixing the Routing

Since modal pages aren’t part of your app navigation, you must remove the automatic entry for this page from your app-routing-module.ts file.

const routes: Routes = [
     { path: '', redirectTo: 'home', pathMatch: 'full' },  
     {̵ ̵p̵a̵t̵h̵:̵ ̵'̵m̵o̵d̵a̵l̵'̵,̵ ̵  
       l̵o̵a̵d̵C̵h̵i̵l̵d̵r̵e̵n̵:̵ ̵'̵.̵/̵m̵o̵d̵a̵l̵/̵m̵o̵d̵a̵l̵.̵m̵o̵d̵u̵l̵e̵#̵M̵o̵d̵a̵l̵P̵a̵g̵e̵M̵o̵d̵u̵l̵e̵'̵ ̵}̵

Fix the Modal’s Module

This part is neccessary to solve the issue.

     declarations: \[ **ModalPage** \],  
     imports: \[ ... \],  
     entryComponents: \[ **ModalPage** \],  
     exports: \[ **ModalPage \]  
export class ModalPageModule {}

The documentation does not show to include the page in entryComponents or exports.

Declare the Modal for Use

Now that the modal’s module is ready, import it into the page you want to use it in.

     declarations: \[ HomePage, **ModalPage** \],  
     imports: \[ ... \],  
     entryComponents: \[ **ModalPage** \],})  
export class HomePageModule {}

The documentation does not show either of these! This is a big part of how the issue happens. Including the ModalPage in imports is what creates the problem (and is what I thought to do).

Create the Modal

The following is exactly how the documentation explains, I’m just including it here for completion’s sake.

import { ModalController } from '@ionic/angular';

export class **HomePage** {

  constructor(private modalCtrl: ModalController) { }

  async openModal() {  
    const loadAmount = await _this_.modalCtrl.create({  
      component: **ModalPage**  
    await loadAmount.present();  


Dismiss the Modal

import { ModalController } from '@ionic/angular';

export class **ModalPage** {

  constructor(private modalCtrl: ModalController) { }

  async close() {  
    await _this_.modalCtrl.dismiss();  



Just like that, everything should be working perfectly. I was so relieved when I implemented these steps. Thank you to Christian Francia for providing this solution in a Github issue, hopefully this blog post will have a little better SEO and will be easier to find 😃