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Learning About Time, After 3 Weeks Off

August 05, 2019

I’ve taken 3 weeks off before, I went to India for that long just 5 months ago — but the context around that trip and my most recent one were very different. Because now I have a job where I work until I burn out — I’m learning how to not do that.

This recent trip started in New York with a half-week with my cousins, where we walked all day and everywhere.

Then continued for a week with some more family, where we were such a big group we could only manage to visit one or two tourist attractions per day.

The trip continued further to LA, where even more family met up to take a week-long cruise down Mexico’s Pasific coast.

And because it was cheaper to fly out of LA a few days after the cruise docked, I stayed with my uncle in LA for 2 days.

So effectively I had a vacation (2 days in LA) for the vacation (cruise) for the vacation (touring NY). I was so fresh and high spirited upon coming back from this trip. I was excited about coming in to work this week, until I sat down to actually work…

Groggy, lethargic, and unfocused. I spent the week diving into my backlog looking for work that I would be able to concentrate on and I’m actually still finding it so difficult to work.

But I’m taking it easy, working myself back into my routine, because I’m learning that time is fickle, and things take time. 😃