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August 31, 2017

The more I think I know about design, the more I know I don’t know. What a punch to the ego.

I’ve built a lot of confidence in the past year with my design skills, but after finally speaking with my design friends and trying new things, I still have a long way to grow.

New.2 is my website, now nearly complete.

I realized after discussing with Jeph yesterday that my website isn’t the frontier of my online brand, but the place for randoms and people who don’t know me. It’s for the HR lady at the company I applied to, for the high school student preparing for a networking event. My real brand is on the platforms I contribute to.

That’s why my new website doesn’t have content on it, simply featuring the “meme” version of my logo on a simple canvas, a description of my purpose, links to those platforms, and direct links to contact me.

The website isn’t live just yet, but here’s the github preview