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January 01, 2018

“New.” is becoming the title of my trimester series lololol I’ll go with it. My life is split by trimester, and each one I try to focus on something else, something… New. This is New, new years 2018.

Last trimester was so much fun, it was me living life to the fullest. Philly, Detroit, Vancouver, Austin, Calgary, San Francisco, Toronto were the places. Hacking, wedding crashing, networking, starting shit, late nights were the happenings. What an incredible time. So many blessings shone on me.

The first trimester of 2018 is back to my life as a machine. I used to be so dedicated. So much more focused. So studious. So I’ll welcome the strict routines and hard work. From diet to school work to learning to doing. Breaking the old habits will be very difficult of course, but I want that lifestyle back, I need that back actually.

See this is my last semester in school. I ended up offloading a lot of tough work to this trimester. And because of it, the work and stress has been mounting on my shoulders. To be honest, I’m terrified and afraid. I’m so scared that I won’t be able succeed.

But pressure makes diamonds, I guess. Onto 2018.