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Self mental health care

November 03, 2017

Self mental health care

Hey pretty boy, time to check in <3

  1. Any insecurity in particular consistently coming to mind?
  2. What did I do this week that made me feel happy/fulfilled/proud?
  3. Tell me about what a value you want to do better with?

I ask myself these questions twice a week. I’ve been pretty impressed with how they work as a mental health check,because they’re so good at making me aware.

My mental health right now is the lowest it’s been all year. I’m stressed beyond belief, there is so much on my plate and not a lot of immediate people present to lean emotional baggage on.

Today it was really tough to answer the questions. In a high stress mode, you don’t think about insecurities, or what you’re happy/proud of. And what I want to do better is… everything… what a terrible answer.

But you know what, I’m aware of it. And that let’s me problem solve. Mental health, managed.