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TheRadList, a new side product

May 28, 2018

What can I say, I just love food…

The Beginning

Some time over the last 8 months, I realized Edmonton has a lot to offer in terms of restaurants. After a few interesting spots were introduced to me I decided to try not to attend a restaurant twice, in order to help encourage me to try new places instead of settling for the same ones over and over.

This was all put into high gear after a friend introduced me to her list, which I’d jokingly call the rad list. After sharing this long (80 places!) list with a few people I started getting really annoyed at all the scrolling and Googling I had to do. So I decided to build a website out of it.

The Website

The original idea for the site would be a simple list of all the restaurants with some searchable features to find restaurants faster and quick links to Google Maps and review websites.

The true main goal of the site was to practice up on my design skills. Of all the websites I’ve built, I personally don’t think I’ve really pushed myself to build something with a first class design. I wanted to build something stunning and timeless.

The Product

Now that I’ve graduated school, finances have become a priority. I’ve decided to attempt to turn TheRadList into something that can earn me a passive income by featuring ads and selling review placement to restaurants.

To do this, the original concept of the site needs to be adjusted slightly in order to better satisfy the two user groups. Users of the site need to have a delightful and valuable experience in order to keep visiting and share with their friends. Restaurants and advertisers need to be shown value by numbers of users and proper marketing on their behalf.

I’m really excited to see where this will go!

As of writing this, I need to work on more filters and get more restaurants on the site. Check it out here: