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October 15, 2017

What makes me unique? Prompted by DevFacto application form

Before I started my degree in engineering, my cousin Krisna (PhD. at USC) shared with me a small secret. He told me the trick to problem solving is to learn from multiple domains, this way you can cross reference the knowledge from one, to solve problems in the other.

It’s been nearly five years since then, and looking back on my projects I can see that his advice has really come through. Alluded to in my cover letter, I’m always looking to learn and I’m always looking for problems to solve, and new ways to solve those problems.

My willingness to keep looking and ability to cross reference what I learned and the problems I see is what makes me unique. Really unique.

Take Slackify — only after understanding project management would I be able to see how great a benefit good team bonding and morale can be.

Or LOGN — being able to use UX practices like metrics, interviewing and iteration cycles helped me greatly improve LOGN over the 3 weeks I was in Iceland.

Some problems are easy, but other problems are hidden. It takes a lot of practice to be able to solve problems, but it takes a lot of learning to be able to see problems too.