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What I did in India for 3 weeks in 2019

March 19, 2019

I need a professional response for questions regarding my trip. This is me trying to figure that out.

As a kid my parents didn’t buy me video games, instead we travelled around the world. I caught the travel bug early and have it often. I can never miss the opportunity to experience something different, and India definitely was.

I’ve been to India before, but this was the first time as an adult and it made a big difference. Even when sitting at home, I never missed an opportunity to listen, watch and ask questions.

I gravitated to situations regarding people, how they think and relate to one another. India is a place with a lot of social tension caused from so many factors: the caste system, economic status, opposing religions and more. In the West we talk about diversity, but in India it’s another beast.

It would be immature and ignorant of me to say anything definitive about what I learned of India’s tumultuous social landscape, it was only 3 weeks, but I had a great experience trying to learn about it.

One day I hope to do this more often and take it a step further by building small solutions around some of the things I learn.